Diddy Lets His Fans Know That 'It's Not Over'

Diddy Lets His Fans Know That 'It's Not Over'
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Diddy shared a message on his social media account in which he was telling his fans and followers that the battle 'is not over' yet and they have to continue fighting. Check out his post below. It triggered various reactions.

Jermaine Dupri hopped in the comments and said: 'I hope they truly understand'

A commenter said: 'imagine being born in Africa. You should be doing nothing but thanking America,' and someone else posted this message: 'We not only fighting for us we fighting for the future. We fighting for generations after us.'

A follower said: 'Nobody can hate on diddy its impossible,, they're just jealous of diddy,' and someone else posted: 'I’m sayin’!!! I see people getting Comfortable, I’m seeing people forget about the movement. The REAL work has yet to be done.'

One commenter wrote this: 'Very inspiring and motivational. It makes a huge difference in our lives.'

Another follower said: 'Any successful person I've ever listened to has at least a few so-called "fail" stories. Just learn what you're supposed to learn from it, adapt your hustle accordingly, be confident in your capabilities and potential ....even when others can't see it... WORK HARD....and keep it moving. We will win my people... It's what we're built to do.'

Someone else posted: '@diddy 🙏thank you for this because this was rather enlightening for me during this period of my life! #blessings #Love #peace.'

Not too long ago, Diddy shared a post on his social media account in which he is addressing the foundation of any revolution.

You should check out the message that he shared on his social media account.

In other news,  Diddy showed enormous support  on his social media for Sybrina Fulton. He shared a photo of her on his social media account, inviting people to vote when the time comes.

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