Diddy Shares An Emotional Video, Promoting Responsibility And Love, And Condemning Hate And Racism

Diddy Shares An Emotional Video, Promoting Responsibility And Love, And Condemning Hate And Racism
Credit: BET

Diddy shared an emotional post on his social media account. More popular actors are talking about the racial injustices that are made these days. Check out the video that had a lot of Diddy's followers impressed.

'I respect everyone taking the responsibility to be more aware and use their voices against any and all racism. LOVE ❤️ @itakeresponsibility 🙏🏿' Diddy captioned his post.

A lot of people appreciated the clip, but there were also a lot of haters who jumped in the comments and blasted the actors. It seems that for some, no matter what one does, it's still not good.

Someone said: 'This is sooo POWERFUL & Inspiring!' and another follower posted this message: 'I say to my back people please educate yourself education is key. Black lives matter.'

One other follower wrote: 'Taking responsibility isn't enough we need real reform ... nobody cares about this public service announcement white ppl nobody cares ...we need real change in the schools, in the banks, in the communities bump a posting a video ...post some jobs post scholarships funds really post something that's gonna help not this tone def message to make y'all feel better about y'all white privilege ..do something that's gonna help the kid in Newark ...the kid in Chicago to he kid in Compton we need real help.'

Someone else posted: 'Are they reading off of something?? I commend the video but imo it doesn’t seem authentic,' and another hater said: 'Those are the wrong white people taking responsibility👎👎👎 and it's not just white people that need to take responsibility sorry I don't buy it.'

Other than this, not too long ago, Diddy shared a heartbreaking video featuring the mother of late Breonna Taylor.

He is asking for justice for the woman, and the words of her mother have cut deep into the viewers’ hearts.

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