Did Adele Have Plastic Surgery In Addition To Her Weight Loss?

Did Adele Have Plastic Surgery In Addition To Her Weight Loss?
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Did Adele have plastic surgery in addition to her weight loss? That's the question people are asking since Adele has revealed her incredible makeover. While it is common for someone's face to appear different after a significant weight loss, there are many who think Adele may have gone under the knife as well. The January 20, 2020, issue of the National Enquirer weighs in on the subject and suggests that she may have undergone liposuction as well as surgery. Fans have been sounding off about Adele's dramatic makeover and some are just blown away by how different she looks.

The National Enquirer quoted Dr. Otto Placik, a plastic surgeon from the site Bodysculptor.com who offered his professional opinion on Adele's makeover. Speaking to the publication, Dr. Placik stated the following.

"This is a dramatic makeover. Her cheeks appear smaller, suggesting buccal fat extraction, and her chin dimple has been diminished —which is indicative of chin filler or an implant."

The doctor also told the publication he believed Adele underwent a nose job.

You may see Adele's old face in this video clip that she shared on her official Instagram account below.

Adele made a sudden life-changing transformation after her divorce from husband Simon Konecki was finalized. She and Simon share a seven-year-old son Angelo Adkins, and it is believed that Adele first started on her weight loss journey because of her son.

Many people are in shock to see how different Adele looks and some now say they are worried she has lost too much weight. Adele seems very happy with her new figure and she appears to be more outgoing since her makeover. At this point, it's unclear if Adele actually had plastic surgery or if she just looks different from the weight loss.

What do you think about Adele's dramatic weight loss? Were you surprised to see how much weight she lost in such a short time? Do you think that Adele also underwent plastic surgery too?

What do you think of her new look? Do you think Adele looks like she has lost too much weight or do you think she looks perfectly healthy?

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