Demi Lovato Teases New Music

Demi Lovato Teases New Music
Credit: Source: Demi Lovato/Instagram

It seems that this is the time where everyone is releasing new music. First, it was Selena Gomez, next was Justin Bieber who is preparing for a new tour, and now Demi Lovato revealed to her loyal friends that she has new music on the way. Demi made the announcement in her Instagram story and her fans are psyched. Demi's fans are called Lovatics and they can't wait!

Demi also specifically stated that she's making the music "for her loyal fans" and pointed out that this was for those who support her. The 27-year-old singer has dealt with her fair share of bullies and haters online. Demi has been through a rough time in her life as she battled addiction and some of the comments that people have made towards her on social media have been horrendous.

Demi shared the following on her Instagram story, "Recording a song for my loyal #Lovatcis. The ones who support me and whatever makes me happy..."

You may see a video below about Demi Lovato below.

Demi Lovato has always been very bold about letting her haters and trolls know just what she thinks of them. She's also become emotionally distraught from some of the comments that haters were leaving after her overdose.

Demi also sent a message directly to her haters to let them know that her music is for her dedicated fans and not for her haters.

Her new music isn't for her haters. Demi wrote, "If you hating - that ain't you."

Us Weekly also wrote an article where they delved into Demi's new announcement.

Demi's fans have been thrilled to see her return to music and it seems she also has a new man in her life. Reports that Demi Lovato is seeing Austin Wilson went viral as well as both Demi and Austin have shared photos of themselves together.

The Internet freaked out to see that Demi had a new man in her life and in the photo, Austin was giving Demi a sweet kiss on her cheek and Demi looked extremely happy to receive it.

What do you think about Demi's new boyfriend and that she is making new music?

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