Descriptions Are Here! Read About The Newbies Coming To Vanderpump Rules Season 8

Descriptions Are Here! Read About The Newbies Coming To Vanderpump Rules Season 8
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Vanderpump Rules' first few seasons were unlike any other reality show on TV -- then the cast blew up. After viewers called out the show for making it seem like the stars still work at the restaurants when in reality most don't, they decided to add in some fresh meat.

Earlier this year after Billie Lee decided to call it quits on the show it was rumored that there would be some new faces. Months later, Lala Kent tagged a girl named Dayna in her photos hinting that she would be joining the show.

Her name is Dayna Kathan and she will be entangled in a storyline with Max Boyens and Danica Dow --  two other new people that joined the cast.

The descriptions for season 8 are out and it sounds like there will be no shortage of drama.

A fan account for the show has been sharing what fans have to look forward to starting with Dayna.

'MEET DAYNA. A sassy aspiring stand-up comedian, Dayna Kathan is SUR’s newest waitress-in-training. But everything changes when she falls for Max Boyens, TomTom’s general manager and Scheana’s ex-love interest. When the rumor mill swirls about Max’s extracurricular activities, Dayna must decide whether to give him a chance or move onto greener pastures with her close friend and SURver, Brett Caprioni.'


Meanwhile, the paragraph for Danica reads: 'As the youngest assistant manager in SUR history, Danica Dow finds it difficult to separate her personal life from her work life—especially since she works with all of her friends and ex-boyfriend. She’s also the only woman who sees past the charms of Max Boyens, TomTom’s general manager and resident playboy. When Max starts dating Dayna Kathan, Danica divulges information from his past that threatens his new relationship and puts Lisa’s two managers at odds.'

Max, who is smack dab in the middle of the drama actually works for Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval.

'As TomTom’s charming general manager, Max Boyens is living his best life. He shares a close friendship with bosses Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval and enjoys the hard-earned trust of owner Lisa Vanderpump. He also has a wildly active dating life that is governed by only one rule: never date an employee. That is until Dayna Kathanarrives. When Max decides to break his rule for the beautiful, whip-smart hostess, the SUR rumor mill dredges up secrets from his past that threaten his reputation.'


Beau Clark and Raquel Leviss were also added to the cast write-ups but most Bravo fans are already familiar with the two.

What do you think about the latest information available about the upcoming season of VPR premiering January 7?

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