David Adefeso Gives Tamar A Day To Relax As He Takes Her Son To The Beach

David Adefeso Gives Tamar A Day To Relax As He Takes Her Son To The Beach
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Moms need more than Mother's Day to have a day of relaxation. Which is why David Adefeso took it upon himself to take Tamar Braxton's son to the beach.

In a video that shows David , Logan, and David's mom walking on the beach, the businessman captioned his clip: 'A day at the beach Sometimes mom needs a day off to herself to do whatever moms do whenever they have a day off to themselves! So me, Beans and Bonus Grandma aka Sonic-Mom hit Zuma Beach to have some fun.'

Although he did receive criticism for allowing his mom to carry what seemed to be heavy bags in the background, most people commended him for taking his future stepson to have some fun in the son.

One person commented: 'Awww that is so sweet of you to spend the day with Logan so his mom can relax and have a day off. That’s what a real man is made off.'

Another said: 'Have fun David. You look like the best bonus dad any kid could ask for.'

'We love you David ! You’re a great guy. Tell Tamar we love her too,' one commentator wrote.

While this one said: 'You can tell Logan is happy.'

This comes after Tamar's shocking suicide attempt. If David didn't find her on time, it could have been a terrible result.

Luckily, Adefeso was the one who called paramedics and got them there in time to save the singer who then went under a mental evaluation.

Braxton credits him with saving her life.

She wrote, in part: 'I came here just to say this, and then I’m logging off… if you have ever been in recovery or treatment you know that you reflect on a lot of things…so, I couldn’t let another day, another second go by without PUBLICLY Thanking my Love @david.adefeso for saving my life… I’m so grateful. I was in our home lifeless😔💔 & I’m sure finding me the way that you did couldn’t have been easy. But know that people coming at you saying all crazy stuff isn’t easy for me. People have called you every name in the book to deflect from what’s really been going on. and you know that through this entire time, you have held my hand, heard my cries, held me when I have been weak.'

It's great to see that David has her back.

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