Tamar Braxton Returns To Instagram With Eye-Popping Photo And Big Announcement And Ashanti Has This Reaction

Tamar Braxton Returns To Instagram With Eye-Popping Photo And Big Announcement And Ashanti Has This Reaction
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Tamar Braxton is back, and she is sexier than ever. Fans of the singer and reality TV star are aware that several weeks ago, she deleted all the posts and pictures on her Instagram page.

The mom of one has returned with a hot photo where she is wearing a blazer that she left open to show off her cleavage and a rosary.

The songstress used the caption to say she has new music on the way. The Braxton Family Values star wrote: "What up, Boo, did you miss me yet?! You know you did, but guess who has been hard at work with new music on the way!!! Your girl will be dropping some heat for your soul very very very soon.
Tune into my IG or Official Youtube Page tonight as I go LIVE at 9/EST for an #AskTamarAnything session.
Who knows, I may even drop a little something right after my live on my IG Story to hold you up. Be blessed and let him lead you through it. #periodt."

Ashanti, who loved the look, had this reaction: "🔥🔥🔥." A fan told Ashanti and Tamar: "Can we get a nice old school remake please... but ask the fans which song. Pick the top 5 and then have all social media platforms run polls pleaseeeeeeee."

A second backer stated: "Hotter than fish grease! 🔥❣️🔥The Queen is back. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️" This follower shared:
"Damn girl you killin the game 🔥🔥."

Tamar recently dropped the song called "Crazy Kinda Love" that will be featured in the True to the Game 2 film, and she did an interview with Billboard to talk about the track by saying: "I think one where your guard is completely down and all your rules and all of the things that you feel like will not make you lose control in a relationship go out of the window. It doesn't matter what a person does, and you just love them so much you're willing to work it out, instead of all of your rules holding you back from loving somebody completely. And I'd like to say I've been there before! [Laughs]. That just goes to show you that sometimes you have no control of love, you know? You can't pick the person that you fall for. Sometimes it does work out in your favor when you let your guard down, but sometimes there are certain signs where you let that guard back up. Sometimes we love people so much that we ignore those signs, and it's to our detriment."

When asked if she is back into recording again, she confessed: "Well, I don't want to say yes or no. [Laughs] But the interest is definitely there. The spark has definitely been fired up. So we'll see."

Tamar is reportedly dating businessman David Adefeso.

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