Kevin McCall Attacks Eva Marcille And Calls Her The Worst Names In The Dictionary For These Bizarre Reasons

Kevin McCall Attacks Eva Marcille And Calls Her The Worst Names In The Dictionary For These Bizarre Reasons
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Kevin McCall has no plans to stop fighting with his baby mama, Eva Marcille, anytime soon. The artist and model have been blasting each other for years over their failed romance and the care of their daughter Marley.

Recently, Kevin took to social media, where he called the reality TV star one of the worst names in the dictionary.

The singer and songwriter blasted The Real Housewives of Atlanta star using a screenshot of an article titled “Child support is 18 years of easy money: Women reveal the REAL reasons why they’ve lied about being on the Pill – and many DON’T regret what they’ve done."

He wrote: “Some women have children for a check….some of them out here working on baby number 3 and still talking about their Ex….having babies isn’t a career.”

Kevin went on to explain: “Stop using child support to help you maintain being a BABY Momma terrorist. It's an easy check for 18 years. I get it…but you on baby number 4 and complaining about your 1 st child .. are you hiding some strong feelings? If not, focus on your two new babies and leave your old BABY DADDY ALONE HAHAA.”

It was claimed that Kevin disowned his daughter, and after Eva married Michael Sterling and gave birth to sons Michael Todd Sterling Jr. and Maverick Sterling, she changed her daughter's name to Marley Rae Sterling.

She explained her decision: “Marley was born in 2014, and I gave her her biological father’s name. After two months, we became estranged, and I raised her as a single mom. And then, the good Lord saw fit for me to meet an amazing man, Michael Sterling, who has become my husband and the father of my later children. Long story short, we all have the name Sterling, and Marley is the only one with her biological father’s name, and I saw it necessary, and Mike saw it necessary to change her name.”

She added: “We’ve been going through the process—I must say, it is not an easy process and it is not for the faint of heart—but we’ve been working through it and [as of] yesterday I can say thanks to the honorable Judge Manning here in Fulton County court granted me a name change for Marley. She is now officially and legally Marley Rae Sterling.”

Eva also said that Kevin was verbally and physically abusive towards her.

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