Tyler Perry Officially Declared A Billionaire By Forbes Magazine!

Tyler Perry Officially Declared A Billionaire By Forbes Magazine!
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According to new reports, Tyler Perry is now a billionaire! In the latest issue of Forbes, it was confirmed that the filmmaker has joined the very short list of billionaires in Hollywood.

The recent article from the magazine that tracks famous people’s wealth all over the planet, shared that Tyler Perry is now worth $1 billion in total after taking in no less than $1.4 billion in pre-tax income in the last 15 years.

The magazine also explained that Perry’s massive wealth is a result of his business skills and also the fact that he owns a hundred percent of all he creates, including TV series, movies and stage productions, all very successful.

As fans may know, he’s even opened his very own studio lot in Atlanta not too long ago and for the Forbes cover story, he gave the magazine a tour!

The filmmaker is never greedy, however, always putting his wealth to good use for the sake of others as well.

The philanthropist has a foundation known as The Perry Foundation and through it, he’s contributed to many worthy causes out there to the point that it’s earned him an Emmy he is expected to receive later on this month.

During an interview for ET last month, Perry talked about his charitable spirit, crediting his late mother, Willie Maxine Perry, for instilling that in him.

‘That's the DNA of my mother. She was such a kind woman. I realize that people are not out there struggling because they want to. There's people who just need a hand up and that bit of motivation can take them a very long way.’

He went on: ‘I'll never forget being in the grocery store, trying to pay for some food and could not pay for it. There was a woman behind me who gave me money to get the food I needed. Never saw her again. But that act of kindness made me feel I could go on. So that is what those moments are about for me. Making people feel they can go on.’

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