Da Baby Apologizes To Fan He Assaulted And Asks Her To Be Respectful

Da Baby Apologizes To Fan He Assaulted And Asks Her To Be Respectful
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After a video of Da Baby striking a female fan went viral , the rapper has offered up a rambling apology. In the apology, he also asks the unknown fan to be more respectful.

In a video that made its rounds on several blogs and garnered thousands of comments, the artist is seen being tapped in the face by a phone with the flash shining brightly which caused him to smack her down.

It turns out that he did not know that the fan was a woman and didn't realize that the incident may have been an accident.

In a video shared to his Instagram page, Da Baby discusses his point of view and says that he wants the fan to contact his people so he can properly apologize.


'I do sincerely apologize. I do. I’m very sorry that there was a female on the other end of that flashlight on their phone. But you know, keep in mind, I couldn’t see you because you got the flash this close to me. Which is okay, it’s no problem. A lot of people did — they didn’t put it as close as you put it — but a lot of people had flash on me, and that’s okay. That’s what I signed up for. But out of all them fans—how many people know how to zoom in? Just zoom in instead of popping me in the motherfucking eye with the phone. But I do apologize that there was a female on the other end. I think by this time, you know it’s a well known fact that male or female, I would’ve responded the same exact way.'

He went on to say that the fan should be respectful.

Do you think that his apology was sincere? Do you think the fan should sue?

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