Da Baby Assaults Female Fan After She 'Hits' Him With Her Phone-- Fans React

Da Baby Assaults Female Fan After She 'Hits' Him With Her Phone-- Fans React
Credit: Source: HNHH

Da Baby has made a habit of taking revenge into his own hands. This time, he was seen assaulting a woman at his concert in Tampa.

The jarring footage originally appeared that the rapper just slapped a random fan while he was making his way to the stage. However, that's not the case.

Unfortunately, the story doesn't seem to be any better once the close up of what took place went viral. In the video, you see a woman who appears to try to get a photo with the artist hit him in the face with her phone before he lands a hard hit on her.

TMZ reports that he wasn't even able to perform because the crow boo'ed him out for the shocking incident.

He then took to social media to offer $10k to anyone who has footage of the woman who hit him first.

Most viewers are in agreement that the phone hit his face by accident and he shouldn't react that way to a fan -- especially a female.

After the video was posted to The Neighborhood Talk, comments came pouring in.

'she was recording him & someone pushed her into him, her phone tapped his face, he should be used to that by now , HE’s a celebrity Your fans are gonna be all up on you that wasn’t right man ...... I was RIGHT THERE WATCHING THE ENTIRE THING 😩 S*** SAD THE WAY HE DID HER,' an eyewitness commented.

' I’m sorry this still don’t excuse his constant violent behavior. Stop making excuses for every situation,' added a follower.

'Maybe don't be so quick to react. You were walking through a crowd. I'm pretty sure it was an accident. Slapping a woman is inexcusable. Save that 10k for that lawsuit . He should be trying to find her to go ahead and settle,' another added.

While another said: 'Idc. I hope he gets locked up for this. 🤷🏾‍♀️ Yeah I said it. Imagine going to see your favorite rapper and he smacks you to the ground after you accidentally tap him with your phone?'

This isn't the first or second time the Suge musician has put his hands on fans but this is the first time most comments seem to agree he was in the wrong.

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