Cynthia Bailey's Snake Photo Has Fans Debating The Subtext Of Her Message

Cynthia Bailey's Snake Photo Has Fans Debating The Subtext Of Her Message
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Cynthia Bailey believes that people should never explain themselves. She believes that in front of your friends, there's no need to do this, and enemies will never believe you even if you do it, so there's no point in this at all. Check out her latest message for fans.

'never explain yourself. your friends don’t need it & your enemies won’t believe you.#tbt #modellife #snakegate,' Cynthia told her fans and triggered a massive debate with this message.

Kenya Moore hopped in the comments and praised Cynthia's short hair that she sported in the photo.

A follower said: 'Oooh, and I love how the subtext of the snake wrapped around your neck keeps us guessing. Very clever and unassuming, yet hidden in plain sight.'

One of her fans posted this message: 'By far the most beautiful of ALL the housewives #ISaidWhatISaid,' and another follower said: 'Short hair really looking fantastic on most black n beautiful rocking that look from 1997 until now.'

Another commenter posted this: '@cynthiabailey10 I got to know you from season 3 of rhoa and let me tell you!! The inspiration you are can't be explained! Keep on keeping on, and we will keep watching you! Whatever comes your way! Your crown can never be tilted.'

Someone else said: 'Very beautiful picture @cynthiabailey10 I am not a snake person, but you are beautiful,' and one other follower posted: 'No explanation is needed when the energy force is so strong and powerful.'

Another follower wrote: 'Wish you would wear your real hair once in awhile @cynthiabailey10 this pic looks amazing.'

Not too long ago, Cynthia impressed some of her fans to tears when she shared an important post on her social media account. She wanted to raise awareness about a very important case, and you can check it out in a previous article.

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