Phaedra Parks' Boys Are The Happiest Kids In Town - Check Out The Video To See The Reason

Phaedra Parks' Boys Are The Happiest Kids In Town - Check Out The Video To See The Reason
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Phaedra Parks shared a video featuring her two boys, Ayden and Dylan. These two kids could not be more excited, and if you check out the video below, you'll also learn the reason!

'#Mood when your #birthday is #tomorrow, and your outfit makes it just in time! Thank you @childsplayclothing for making sure it arrived timely 😍 you made these two #May babies the happiest boys in town! #childsplayclothing has #MrPresident feeling real #Luxurious 🤣 #Boymom #momlife (sidenote: How does an international shipment make it quicker than Amazon prime 🤔)' Phaedra captioned her post.

A follower exclaimed: 'look at those faces.... and those Gigantic Smiles!!!! I love it,' and someone else said: 'Mother of the year award goes to my girl Phaedra I love this.'

One commenter posted this message: 'Awww happy birthday to your boys.. i have two may boys myself.. may 11th and may 21st.. one is turning 9 and the other is turning 12.'

Someone else posted: 'Phaedra responded with: 'wow! We are twin boy moms! My others sons bday is 5/21 🎂 happy birthday to your sons and happy Mother's Day 🌷'

A follower posted: 'I can’t believe how big they are 💙💙 Too cute! May babies are the best,' and someone else said: 'Phaedra they are so handsome and good looking too. I know it early Happy Mother's Day to you and your mother.'

One other commenter posted this: 'Your boys are so handsome. Happy birthday to both of them. I just love their reaction before even opening the box. Wishing the boys many more blessed birthday.'

An Instagrammer said: 'Oh, Phaedra, my Birthday was yesterday... congrats. You have such handsome sons. Hope it’s a great day for you all, God Bless.'

Someone else posted this message: 'I so love this! I love how you love your sons and such a good mother!'

In other news, Phaedra impressed her fans not too long ago with something that her son told her.

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