Cynthia Bailey Says That Nene Leakes Made Everything About Her -- Including Gregg's Cancer

Cynthia Bailey Says That Nene Leakes Made Everything About Her -- Including Gregg's Cancer
Credit: Source: Bravo

The 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' reunion is heating up with part two airing last night. Cynthia Bailey appeared on Kandi Burruss' Youtube channel where she made her opinion on Nene Leakes' behavior this season very clear.

Cynthia thinks that Nene made everything about her -- including Gregg Leakes' cancer situation. This isn't the first time that this statement has been made, castmates and viewers alike have echoed this sentiment.

In the clip posted by a 'RHOA' fan page via Instagram, the super model says: "In the words of Eva, everything is not about you. I felt like in a lot of ways she made it about her like Eva's wedding, she made my Seagram's event about her, to be very honest I even felt the cancer situation with Gregg she kinda made that in a lot of ways about her. Being the caretaker, the caregiver and at the end of the day he's actually the one battling the cancer."

Cynthia goes on to say: "This is my opinion and she's very big on us expressing our opinions. In my opinion, and you watch the season back you guys have seen this for yourself and you guys watch the show for yourself, you know, you have your own opinion of what you saw. What I saw was some very significant things happen this season that weren't really about her that she made about her."

Some of the fans in the comment section agreed with Cynthia's statements while others came to Nene's defense.

"At least someone is finally speaking on NeNe’s selfishness & the 'poor me' mentality, of this season!" said one.

While another added: "Cynthia isn’t lying. Nene makes things about her. She really mad Eva’s special day about her. She complains more about taking care of Greg than anything. She needs help fr."

"I dont understand the Eva wedding thing....DID THEYYYYYY NOT APPROACH NENE. Wtf....y'all approached her, yall started the powwow. All this chest Cynthia got now....why not say we should meet up tomorrow or another time and talk about it. Let's enjoy Eva's day. How you gonna partake and relish in it then take it back NOW bc y'all are at odds. GTFOH," a user stated in Nene's defense.

Do you agree that Nene made everything about her this season?


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