Nipsey Hussle Was Too Loyal To His Neighborhood? Suge Knight Made This Point, Here Is Why Some Say He Missed The Bigger Picture

Nipsey Hussle Was Too Loyal To His Neighborhood? Suge Knight Made This Point, Here Is Why Some Say He Missed The Bigger Picture
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The murder of rapper and businessman Nipsey Hussle has generated a lot of speculation and controversy.

Many people are still in shock over the murder, while others have been trying to piece together the puzzle of the rapper’s death.

Many celebrities have also spoken out on the issue, including famous rap producer Suge Knight.

According to Knight, Hussle might have been the victim of his loyalty.

The producer explained that many rappers have had to deal with such issues in the past after reaching a certain point of fame in their careers.

Sticking to their local neighborhoods has proven fatal -- or at least problematic -- for several other artists previously.

At the same time, Knight added, many hip-hop stars are reluctant to move away from their old neighborhoods due to the different lifestyle that faces them in Hollywood.

Knight claims that he saw this in his career, but he still tried to maintain some connections with his former neighborhood and visited from time to time.

The legendary Death Row Records founder told TMZ: "A lot of artists like Nipsey have the same problem that I had. We are too loyal to our neighborhood. When you go around Hollywood, it's all watered down."

He added: "I feel that Nipsey was trying to follow the same Tupac manual to the community. He came together with YG like Snoop did with Tupac. What’s good is that all the hoods getting together now … we can be stronger considering what happens when we come together."

It is no secret that Nipsey Hussle was doing a lot of work to contribute to the wellbeing of his friends and co-residents.

He was particularly successful in helping former inmates reform and reenter society.

This is not the first time someone has speculated that Hussle was targeted over his activism.

Meanwhile, authorities are continuing their investigation and are still looking into various possible angles.

No real motive has been pointed out yet, and many have continued to speculate over the real reason the rapper was shot.

On the flip side, some are arguing that the love Hussle and his family received from people in his neighborhood might explain his choice to stay there.

Do you agree with what Knight is saying? Should rap stars leave their neighborhoods?

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  • Lin
    Lin Apr 16, 2019 1:45 AM PDT

    Nipseys was a casuality of his fake no doubt. He was marked by someone and one day it will come out. Holder is saying not guilty cause he was paid. People saw him shoot nipsey wow ...he might as well confess but he ain't using tax money he has a paid attorney who paid darden !!!!? Someone did holder was a struggling rapper who thought nipsey should of put him on. And the revenge is there but no one just Gunn you down cause you ask them if they are a snitch. And why did nipsey care if he was a snitch if his goal was to change lives. That part sounds weird ....I mean your advocating peace but calling him a snitch,?! Or did his friend make that up?! They all could of been involved I don't trust the man that was right there with nipsey who said he went to get a sandwich. And hears shots ?!!! Bs.. poor nipsey he just needed to move to San Francisco or Malibu there was a Dallas comedian killed wen he return to the hood !! 2016. And a new York rapper killed while riding around in a Ferrari in bad area of new York !!!! And xxxtecion also killed in his hood purchasing stuff ....these guys are poor and angry that they may never get out the hood it's just hate that's all and if someone will pay them they gonna get you like gangsters killed biggie and Tupac

  • Cara
    Cara Apr 16, 2019 1:34 AM PDT

    Suge k is right someone may have paid holder and that will never surface due to snitch codes nipseys was not aware he was a target Suge is right you can't live in the hood you have to move far away especially if your ex gang member. The jealousy and nipseys connection to police made it worst that's the point he should have kept a distance from his hood and his brother is part of the issue he insisted that store be built there cause he wanted to be famous as nipseys he wanted money too people come to that store only cause npsey fo owned it ..nipseys slipped on security armed. It only take one wrong move he told security to be off ...why? I yasp at his brother after the killing it got real can you imagine?!!!!

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