Common - Like Tiffany Haddish - Confirms He And The Actress Are Dating

Common - Like Tiffany Haddish - Confirms He And The Actress Are Dating
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Common has finally come out to confirm that he and the actress, Tiffany Haddish, are dating. Not long before the lockdown started, the rapper and his girlfriend appeared in a Bumble commercial encouraging more virtual dating amid the quarantine.

During his appearence on Live! With Kelly and Ryan this Friday, Common confirmed that he and Haddish were in a relationship. He described her as a "beautiful person" and a "wonderful woman." Common went on to say that he enjoyed having her around a lot.

Tiffany addressed her romance with him as well during her appearence on The Wild Rose podcast, in which she claimed it was the best relationship she has ever been in . In addition to how happy she is, Haddish also touched on the impact it has had on her life.

According to the actress, she managed to lose weight and has been taking better care of her health since she started dating him. However, it's not because Common is encouraging her to be that way, she just feels more inspired to care for herself now.

Haddish recently debuted a brand new shaved head, which she claims her new man loves. As most know, rumors of their romance have been in headlines for months.

The couple has frequently been spotted in each other's social media videos and photos, however, it took a long time for them to finally come out and say they were an item.

This all comes after the news that Common had been accused of putting his penis inside a woman's mouth while she was sleeping. Jaguar Wright, a performing artist, accused the rapper of molesting her while she slept.


According to Wright, she knew Common wasn't the type of man for her, because if he tried to do that, then he'd attempt anything. Wright also said Common wasn't the man he has been portraying himself to be. Jaguar pointed to the rapper's relationships over the years, explaining how none of them have worked out in the way one would think for a self-proclaimed lover of black women.

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