Will Fans Accuse Kelly Osbourne Of Fat-Shaming With Her New Slimmed Down Look Like Some Did To Adele?

Will Fans Accuse Kelly Osbourne Of Fat-Shaming With Her New Slimmed Down Look Like Some Did To Adele?
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Kelly Osbourne has channeled her inner Adele . Page Six picked up on an Instagram post from the reality television star in which she debuted a brand new look following a fifty-pound weight loss. Fans on her account have been saying she looks like a totally different person.

Osbourne took to her account this week to share a Gucci outfit along with makeup and purple hair á la Betty Page. She wrote in the caption, "Today I'm feeling #Gucci."

According to Page Six, Kelly lost weight for the first time after she appeared in Dancing With The Stars in 2009, however, it didn't take long for her to add it all back again. In 2012, she went vegan and committed herself to lose all of it.

As the title suggests, Kelly Osbourne isn't the only celebrity to lose a lot of weight recently. Adele dropped a ton of pounds and showed off her hard work earlier this year.

And just a few months later, she dropped another Instagram post in which she hailed Beyonce's new visual album, Black is King . Even though her post was about Beyonce's record, fans couldn't help but notice how good she looks lately.

In front of her 38.2 million Instagram followers, Adele showed off her brand new look with her long, blonde, curly hair. She stands in front of the television set where Beyonce's video can be seen playing in the background.

Since Adele uploaded the photo, it has since accrued 3.7 million likes. According to multiple reports, Adele is estimated to have lost 100 pounds since she first started the Sirtfood diet. Fans of the performing artist know she never said anything about her weight loss journey.

Earlier this year, it was reported that Adele managed to lose all of the weight through a strict caloric deficit, probably around 1,000 calories per day. The Sirtfood diet limits the type of foods one is allowed to eat.

Even though many of her fans were thrilled with the news, some accused her of shaming other fat women by showing off her brand new figure. Thus far, it appears that fans have been a lot more positive with Kelly's transformation.

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