Cindy Crawford's Kids Kaia And Presley Gerber Get Tattoos — Presley Inks Misunderstood On His Face

Cindy Crawford's Kids Kaia And Presley Gerber Get Tattoos — Presley Inks Misunderstood On His Face
Credit: Source: Jon Boy Tattoo/Instagram

The modeling industry has certainly changed since Cindy Crawford walked the catwalk and nothing proves that more than her own children who are also models: Kaia Gerber and Presley Gerber. After the two were spotted getting tattoos together, Presley received a new tattoo on his face. Gone are the days when a face or multiple tattoos hinders a modeling career and Cindy's kids are proof of the evolving times. Presley shared a video of himself getting the face tattoo that reads "Misunderstood" across his cheek and under his eye. Celebrity tattoo artist JonBoy did Presley's tattoo. Both JonBoy and Presley shared photos and videos from the session on their official Instagram accounts.

At this time, Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber have not spoken publicly about their children's decisions to get tattoos. Kaia Gerber is 18-years-old and Presley Gerber is 20-years-old. Cindy and Rande were both spotted supporting Kaia Gerber during a time that a situation arose with Pete Davidson. Though the full details were never revealed, many suspected the Cindy and Rande helped Pete to seek treatment.

You may see a video of Presley Gerber getting his face tattoo in the video player below.

JonBoy also shared a photo of himself standing with Presley. You can see that Presley is getting quite a few tattoos and has a red cross in addition to other ink on his neck.

Here is a close up of Presley Gerber with the word "Misunderstood" tattooed on his face. You can also see he has tattoos on his knuckles as well as the back of his hand.

Here is a black and white photo that Presley posted of himself and his younger sister Kaia getting tattoos together.

Kaia and Presley were inked by Evan Tattoo and they shared a group photo together.

Not all of Presley's fans are excited about the face tattoo. Some have left remarks and comments suggesting he should stop before he has too many

What do you think about Presley's new face tattoo? Do you think he is going too far with the ink? Were you surprised that Presley and Kaia both got tattoos?


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