Fans Concerned For Kaia Gerber And Pete Davidson After New Report Says He Has 'Scratched Out Eyes'

Fans are concerned for Kaia Gerber and Pete Davidson after a disturbing new report has surfaced suggesting that Peter Davidson has "scratched out eyes." The Daily Mail reported on the incident that apparently brought a distressed Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber to their 18-year-old daughter Kaia's apartment where it was reported something was going on with Pete Davidson. Pete has dealt with mental health struggles in the past yet it is unclear if he is currently dealing with anything right now. However, the report quoted anonymous sources who apparently overheard Rande Gerber's and Cindy Crawford's panicked conversations that called into question the well-being of 26-year-old Pete Davidson.

Cindy and Rande were photographed in New York and there is no denying the looks and expressions on their faces. The parents looked shocked, terrified and even horrified as they engaged in their conversation.

The Daily Mail reported that Rande had been in the apartment and spoke to Pete Davidson who later drove off in a vehicle. The article quotes a bystander who says they heard what Rande said to Cindy. This is what was reported.

"Rande was reportedly overheard saying: 'He's got scratched out eyes. His face was like scared as if someone or a camera was on him. His eyes are very...and he's like freaking out."

You may see the full report in the link below.

Fans are deeply worried about Kaia's and Pete's well being and they are specifically concerned about Pete Davidson's health. It is unclear where he is right now and fans are also worried that Kaia is too young to deal with potential mental health issues in a relationship.

Kaia's career is at a pinnacle and important point and she only turned 18-years-old in September. Though there are many rumors and speculation surrounding the report, it's important to remember that no one knows right now what the exact story is and what is going on with Pete and Kaia.

Though the report quotes an anonymous bystander and nothing is definite, many of Kaia's and Pete's fans are worried for their safety. The report about Pete's eyes being "scratched out" has people deeply concerned.

What do you think about this troubling report?


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