Chrissy Teigen Not Allowed To Watch "Game Of Thrones" Because Mike Rosenthal Says She Talks Too Much!

Chrissy Teigen Not Allowed To Watch "Game Of Thrones" Because Mike Rosenthal Says She Talks Too Much!
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John Legend and Chrissy Teigen are arguably Twitter's favorite couple. However, Mike Rosenthal, their friend, isn't a fan of Chrissy's behavior during his favorite show to watch these days, Game Of Thrones. According to Rosenthal, Chrissy talks way too much.

Posted to Chrissy's Instagram Stories on the 14th of April, Sunday, Mike can be heard saying, "I've been looking forward to this for two years. Don't take this from me!"

The 33-year-old asked him, "Mike, why aren't we allowed to watch Game Of Thrones ," and he says to her, "You're going to ruin it!" Teigen explained in the caption of her video that Mike Rosenthal doesn't like to watch the show with them because they ask too many questions.

This a breath of positivity in the world of reporting on Chrissy Teigen, who, just the other day, used her platform to talk about Donald Trump - again. As fans of the Sports Illustrated alum know, she frequently takes to Twitter to talk smack about the controversial president.

Recently, the star took aim at his daughter, Ivanka Trump, for using social media to talk about the importance of family as well as post images of her family while others are detained at the border supposedly due to policies made by the Trump administration.

Chrissy is, of course, referring to the migrant crisis earlier last year in which images were captured of immigrant children being separated at the border from their families. It was one of the bigger controversies last year, however, the scandal received some criticism on two different fronts.

One is that such policies are usually implemented by bureaucracies outside of the president's reach, moreover, such practices are commonplace when illegal immigrants try and illegally cross a border in a country that isn't their own.

Putting that aside, it's nice to see that Chrissy and John are having fun and enjoying the final season of HBO's Game Of Thrones. The show is in the middle of its final episodes as the series comes to close.

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