Cardi B Responds To Cancel Culture Backlash Including The Robbing And Drugging Accusations

Cardi B Responds To Cancel Culture Backlash Including The Robbing And Drugging Accusations
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Cardi B is no stranger to cancel culture, although, she has managed to escape its wrath a number of times over her short career. For instance, she was put on blast for admitting to drugging and robbing men when she worked as an exotic dancer.

In a new interview with Elle Magazine, the performing artist touched on the cancel culture phenomenon, as well as her own experiences with it. As it was previously reported, fans came for Cardi B after she admitted to drugging and robbing men in an old clip.

In the video, Cardi B said, "I'd drug n*ggas up and I'd rob them." While addressing the controversy, the  Invasion of Privacy  star explained that she had to make "poor choices at the time" simply to survive. There are other women out there, however, she claims, that haven't been able to get out of that position.

The "Bodak Yellow" rapper went on to explain her confusion regarding the social media phenomenon in which people are always trying to end her career. The artist says it's like she has a "target" on her back, and it's rarely because of her music.

Cardi B says she will never stop being who she is, even if people try and cancel all of her social media accounts and end her career. She added, "no one will ever have that much power over me." The rapper also spoke on the burner account controversy.

Fans accused her of creating a fake account to talk badly about other rappers in the game. She says she can't believe people are still trying to cancel her over something that isn't even true. The rapper claims she has more important things to do in her life.

According to the rapper, she's honest in terms of who she likes and who she doesn't. If she isn't a fan of someone, she'll communicate it directly, rather than create a fake account to sneak-diss other rappers. She suggested the whole accusation was crazy.


These days, Cardi is very busy. She's gearing up to release a new record in addition to raising a child with her husband, Offset.

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