Candiace Dillard Does Not Think Monique Samuels' Remorse Scene Was Genuine

Candiace Dillard Does Not Think Monique Samuels' Remorse Scene Was Genuine
Credit: Source: People

At the end of last week's episode of Real Housewives of Potomac, fans saw Monique Samuels speak to her pastor about what she did to Candiace Dillard . Candiace believes that the scene was not genuine.

Monique and Candiace got into an argument at a wine tasting that resulted in Monique pulling Candiace's hair and punching her in the head.

After a sit-down with the ladies, she offered an apology for putting the other castmates in that position but she was not remorseful for putting her hands on Candiace.

Later in the episode, she meets with her pastor where he holds her accountable for what she did and also made her come to the realization that she needs to get to the bottom of what made her react that way -- she also said she needed to apologize to Candiace.

Well, the apology never came because just a few days later, Candiace filed charges on her former friend.

While speaking with Entertainment Tonight, she gave her thoughts on Monique's scene with the pastor.

'I think that her sitting down with her pastor was a stunt. I think she did it because she had to. I think, from the powers-that-be, she was being told that she needed to reroute this narrative, and that was the way that she knew best to do that, was to pimp out her pastor and her pastor's wife and try to create some alternative universe.'

She went on to say that once she didn't hear from Monique or Chris Samuels -- she realized that she wasn't sorry.

'You're not sorry. You were never sorry, and all those tears that she was crying? I believe those tears, I believe they were real. but they were tears for her embarrassment and for her not being able to control herself. There was no place in there where I think that she felt any kind of remorse for what she did to me.'

Do you think Monique was being disingenuous?


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