RHOP: Monique Wanted To Apologize To Candiace Dillard Before She Pressed Charges -- Karen Huger Calls Out Robyn Dixon

RHOP: Monique Wanted To Apologize To Candiace Dillard Before She Pressed Charges -- Karen Huger Calls Out Robyn Dixon
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Sunday's episode of Real Housewives of Potomac saw a completely different side of Monique Samuels' perspective on the fight. She was very remorseful for lashing out at her co-star -- at least before Candiace Dillard decided to press charges.

The last two episode's showed viewers the fight between the former friends and the fallout after. The ladies had a meeting (sans Candiace) where they all took turns expressing their disappointment in Monique's actions.

The most upsetting part of Monique's actions to some was the fact that she wasn't remorseful about what happened.

It turns out that she just needed some time to reflect on what unfolded because when she talked to her pastor -- she wanted to apologize.

Samuels realized that there was a bigger issue within herself at hand that made her act out.

'In your own mind, you are ideal, but around this group of women — they are not impressed with your own perfection and that causes you disdain. It's something you need to reconcile inside of you,' Pastor Chad told the mother of three.

She agreed.

'What you're saying is right. There was a lot of pressure building up inside me that had nothing to do with her.'

She went on to say that Dillard didn't deserve what she did to her and she needed to apologize.


This was her tune -- at least until the preview of episode where it was revealed that Candiace pressed charges .

Meanwhile, Karen Huger took to Instagram to call out Robyn Dixon who told Dillard that she didn't express any disappointment in Monique which was not true.

The Grand Dame attached the clip and added a caption that read: 'Robyn is doing her favorite thing...twinning again. You got to love her, she’s consistent. Stop twisting my words. Especially not now when our friends are in need of our support. Tell Candice the truth, tell her what I said to Monique publicly during our meeting or just be quiet.'

What do you think of this situation?


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  • Diane
    Diane Oct 12, 2020 12:18 AM PDT

    Candace is a little Barking Chihuahua (she gets it from her crazy overbearing Mama) & Monique had a chip on her shoulder ever since the women accused her of sleeping with her Personal Trainer! Robin Dixon needs to pay her taxes on that BRAVO CHECK & get a Real Job! Dr Wendy is the only RHOP that has a profession & career other than the show & hustling!

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