Monique Samuels Reveals Some Of Her Co-Stars Tried To Get Her Fired From RHOP!

Monique Samuels Reveals Some Of Her Co-Stars Tried To Get Her Fired From RHOP!
Credit: Source: Bravo

The fallout on Real Housewives of Potomac is just beginning after last week's episode where Monique Samuels and Candiace Dillard got into a physical fight. Samuels recently revealed that some of her co-stars tried to get her fired from the show.

This isn't necessarily new news to people who have been following this incident since it happened last year. Leaks to the press have resulted in viewers knowing more than ever what happens after the ladies call a meeting to discuss the altercation.

Instagram blog, The Black Socialites, in addition to All About the Tea previously reported that Gizelle Bryant and Robyn Dixon refused to film with Monique after she dragged Candiace at the winery and did not show remorse at a group meeting after.

Monique opens up about how the act was a very calculated plot.

'They met off camera and had a little meeting and I think that it was very strategic, what they decided to do. They looked at this as an opportunity to possibly get me off the show. They thought they had that type of power to get me fired. So that was very strategic,' she explained to US Weekly.

She went on to accuse Dillard of other things.

'Her and her attorney have literally gone on media campaigns with this whole incident. She’s called me out of my name. She has said that I’m mentally unstable. She has said that I’m unfit to be a mother and parent. That’s a whole lot coming from someone who was supposed to be a friend. So that just seems to me that you were never a friend.'

Candiace denies these claims stating that Monique needs no help getting let go from the show.

'She did enough damage to get herself fired. “I was never involved in the spreading of rumors or plotting that her former friends came up with and she knows that. It’s why she never brought it up to me.'

She went on to say that Samuels lied to everyone about what really happened when she claimed that Candiace threw a wine glass at her first.


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