Candace Owens Mocks LeBron James Amid Jacob Blake Protests

Candace Owens Mocks LeBron James Amid Jacob Blake Protests
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Not everyone likes Candace Owens . Hot New Hip Hop reported today that the controversial political figure has been making waves in the public for years now, especially after she first appeared with Kanye West on TMZ during his infamous pro-Trump rant.

Hot New Hip Hop claims the political figure, who has generated clout for herself by being a right-wing commentator, puts other people on blast on social media for their political views. In a recent tweet, Owens set her sights on LeBron James for his tweet on Jacob Blake.

In a tweet, Megyn Kelly claimed Jacob was "armed with a knife" when the police shot at him in Wisconsin. Owens re-tweeted Megyn's version of the story and suffered social media users' wrath in the aftermath.

Owens went on to insinuate that the shooting of Jacob Blake was warranted, because he had an arrest warrant out on his head for sexually assaulting a minor, in addition to the fact he had resisted arrest and threatened to grab another weapon from his car.

Candace went on to mock LeBron's tweet by claiming that police were supposed to stand down and do nothing in the face of an agitated perpetrator, or "else RACISM." "Cuz LeBron James says so," the commentator added while adding a crying laughing face emoji.

According to Hot New Hip Hop, Candace Owens is referring to the recent cascade of sports athletes who are protesting the death of Jacob blake, including LeBron James, who is reportedly encouraging the Los Angeles Lakers to sit out for the rest of the NBA season.

In recent news, James has been a lot more politically active ever since the Black Lives Matter protests, including the death of Breonna Taylor, who was shot and killed by the police amid a no-knock warrant gone wrong.

Police showed up to her home to arrest her boyfriend for involvement with drugs, however, when they arrived, he fired a gun at them as a warning shot, which led them to fire back and kill Breonna .


Moreover, James was recently photographed wearing clothing with pro-Black culture mantras, and also taking a knee during the "National Anthem."

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