T.I Declares Candace Owens And Terry Crews Permanently Canceled!

T.I Declares Candace Owens And Terry Crews Permanently Canceled!
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Cancel culture is something that many celebrities are trying their best to go against after it's reached its height over the last few years. T.I is not a huge fan of declaring a person canceled after a mistake, but there are certain people that he agrees should stay canceled.

This includes Candace Owens and Terry Crews.

The rapper notably went head to head with Candace at the Revolt Summit last year. Since then, she's been spewing the same rhetoric via social media and other outlets.

Meanwhile, Terry definitely caught the side-eye from fans when he didn't stand up for Gabrielle Union after revealing that it was mainly black women who stood up for him when he shared his sexual harassment story.

He angered even more fans after he tweeted about 'black supremacy.'

The actor shared: 'Defeating White supremacy without White people creates Black supremacy. Equality is the truth. Like it or not, we are all in this together.'

Other than the fact that 'black supremacy' is impossible due to black people making up only 13% of the American population, Terry stuck by his tweet.

Candace and Terry's actions didn't sit right with the Atlanta artist who spoke with Nick Cannon on his radio show.


'Now, some severe cases, like Candace Owens. She got to go. I think she a paid plant. I think someone paid her to come out here and speak against everything that the majority of us are standing for. [She’s] not a double agent, she’s their agent. You mean to tell me that there’s no injustice that you ever seen happen on behalf of people of color that you can speak out for? So white people are always right? You telling me law enforcement is always right? You telling me the United States of America has always been right when it comes to dealing with us? And that’s her story. And you can’t trust that story because we have facts that show us otherwise.'

He went on to reference her college discrimination lawsuit that was funded by the NAACP.

T.I added that Terry was another one who should stay canceled.

'I’m still waiting on Terry Crews to speak on behalf of [the Black community]. What he’s doing is, he’s trying to instruct the community to not be so harsh as it pertains to dealing with white supremacy. … We can’t have Black supremacy because we don’t have the tools to oppress.'

What do you think of TIP's comments?

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  • Paul J
    Paul J Jul 15, 2020 10:52 PM PDT

    Saying that you can't have black supremacists due to black people being a demographic minority is a rhetorical game just as much as saying people of color can't be racist. Call it something else then. There are bigoted people of color. There are people, like the black Israelites, who firmly hold that white people are inferior. To me, that is a racial supremacist movement. Any time a group espouses the belief that another group is inferior due to melanin content of the epidermis, that's a racial supremacist movement. If you disagree with my use of the word supremacist then use a different word, but the underlying beliefs remain the same. Anyone who tries to exclude another race from a conversation or movement is creating a racialized atmosphere, and apparently all it takes to make it officially racist or racial supremacist is the tools of control. If that is the only difference, then in the year 2100 when people of color have been in the majority for 50 years, will it suddenly become un-racist to exclude people of color from conversations? Is it seriously just "whoever is in control is the bad guy and the underdog can do no wrong?"

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