Jennifer Lopez Discusses Her And A-Rod's Decision To Maybe Buy The New York Mets

Jennifer Lopez Discusses Her And A-Rod's Decision To Maybe Buy The New York Mets
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Hot New Hip Hop reported today that the New York Mets have been struggling with ownership issues lately. The baseball team is currently up for sale, and there have been a number of prolific bidders, including Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez.

It's been reported repeatedly that J-Lo and A-Rod are looking to acquire the team and may do so through their large ownership organization. During a recent conversation with Barstool Sports, Lopez revealed she and her man were looking into buying it, and she discussed what that would mean for the team and women everywhere.

Lopez says there aren't many female owners in the world of sports, and for that reason, she'd like to throw her hat in the ring and hopefully bring something new and positive to the industry. Lopez went on to say that "in this day and age," it would be so amazing.

While admitting she didn't have any new developments on the topic, Lopez discussed the importance of women getting involved in ownership because there aren't many who own major franchises and other corporations.

She added, "so of course, I am for it." Fans of the power couple know they've been making a lot of power moves lately. For instance, earlier this year, it was reported that Jennifer and Alex had just purchased a $40 million house on Star Island.

Near Miami Beach, the house comes with 10 bedrooms and ten and a half bathrooms. A-Rod and J-Lo are clearly big fans of investing money into real estate. They recently sold a home in Miami with the help of Joana and Chip Gaines.

Furthermore, A-Rod sold his home in the Hollywood Hills for four and a half million dollars after buying it off of Meryl Streep. In July of this year, J-Lo also bought a house in LA for $1.365 million. It was marketed as being an environmentally friendly home due to all of its energy-saving utilities.


As most know, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are currently engaged and are about to get married in the coming months.

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