Cameron Diaz Was Detained At The Paris Airport With A Suitcase Of Drugs

Cameron Diaz Was Detained At The Paris Airport With A Suitcase Of Drugs
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49-year-old Cameron Diaz shared unexpected memories. The actress admitted that she had the experience of illegal work.

The Charlie's Angels star stopped acting eight years ago to focus on her family. Only recently, the actress returned to filming, which she actually missed a lot.

At the dawn of her career in the 90s, Cameron worked as a model. Then she was asked to bring a closed suitcase to Morocco.

The girl was assured that there were things necessary for the assistant models.

However, Diaz was stopped at the airport to check the contents of her suitcase. Only then did the actress realize what kind of story she got involved in. She explained how it happened.

"I worked as a catalog model. I had enough money to rent an apartment with a friend in Paris. By the way, this girl is still one of my best friends.

But by that time, I had already been in Paris for a year and did not work a single day. Suddenly, I had a job. But I think I was just a drug dealer who transported drugs to Morocco, honestly," Cameron admitted.

At the airport, the future star began to make excuses and assured them that the suitcase did not really belong to her.

Law enforcement officers allowed the girl to leave her suitcase and fly back to Paris. "I was used," the actress admitted in an interview with The Sun.

Since then, Cameron has been more careful in her choice of work and soon got into the world of cinema.

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The American actress opted for a black long sleeves, breeches, and orange sneakers. The hair of the famous blonde turned out to be loose; she completely abandoned makeup. Cameron had glasses on her head.

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