Cameron Diaz Has Returned To Acting And Says It Has A Slightly New Feeling

Cameron Diaz Has Returned To Acting And Says It Has A Slightly New Feeling
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On Friday's episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the Golden Globe nominee, 50, talked about her impending role in Jamie Foxx 's Netflix film Back in Action, her first acting role since retiring eight years ago.

Some of it is just muscle memory if you catch my drift. It was all laid out by her. Because I had been doing it for so long, it felt natural to resume. Yet there is a distinct sense of change.

What's more, I've collaborated with the incredible Jamie on two films. My last picture was Annie, which I also co-starred in with Jamie; this is our first film together since then. To sum up, it's fantastic. Working with him will be a blast because he is so terrific, easy, professional, and talented, Diaz said.

The couple also collaborated on the 1999 sports drama Any Given Sunday in addition to the 2014 Annie adaptation.
She went on to compare Foxx, 54, like a racehorse behind the scenes, describing his dual roles as her co-star and executive producer on Back in Action.

In a sarcastic taped phone call with co-stars Jamie Foxx and un-retired actor Tom Brady, Diaz revealed in June that she had been cast in the film and would be returning to Hollywood.

PEOPLE was told by an insider that she opted to take part in the film because of her longtime friendship and professional relationship with Jamie Foxx.

Foxx spoke to Entertainment Tonight last month and gushed over Diaz's brilliance and his joy at seeing her return to the spotlight.

Cameron is a formidable force in the industry, and she has accomplished a lot. It was as simple as asking her, "Do you want to have some fun?" to win her over, he gushed, and now we love her. Relax and enjoy yourself. ...and I believe that was the deciding factor for her to go for it.

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