Cameron Diaz's New Wine Fares Poorly In Critics' Reviews

Cameron Diaz's New Wine Fares Poorly In Critics' Reviews
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A new report from the New York Post says that Cameron Diaz 's wine hasn't fared well with the critics. In fact, the outlet says it's been panned by wine experts. In a survey from approximately four-hundred different homes, it was given a "D-" rating.

According to the outlet, Diaz 's new wine was listed as one of the least favorites among celebrity wine companies, beaten out by musicians such as Dave Matthews and Sting.

Diaz claims she and her business partner, Katherine Power, decided to make their own wine brand after they continuously found themselves getting headaches after their second pour.

During her appearence on The Tonight Show , Diaz, 47, said to the 45-year-old Jimmy Fallon that she and Katherine Power asked each other how to go about making a wine that would meet their own needs as well as that of regular wine-drinkers.

On her Instagram, Diaz and Power spoke about their feelings of surprise when they discovered winemakers were allowed to put 73 additives in wine. Diaz claimed she and her business partner thought it was just fermented grapes.

Felicity Carter, the editor of Meininger's Wine Business International magazine, claimed the only thing "clean" about Diaz's wine is the way in which it cleans out one's pocketbook.

Other experts claimed that the vast majority of celebrities and entertainers should stick to what they know because the public doesn't like their wine. As most know, not every celebrity releases a brand of wine that isn't appreciated by the public.

Earlier this year, it was reported that Post Malone , the singer-songwriter, unveiled his own brand of rosé, with the title, Maison No. 9. Post Malone said in past interviews that he and his crew wanted to make a type of wine that was meant for when they're feeling "classy."

Postie claimed to reporters at the time that he and his friends were really excited to release their product. Reportedly, Post Malone 's bottle of rosé sold thousands of bottles within the first 24 hours. In fact, it even crashed the website.

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