Bow Wow Responds To Social Media Backlash For Putting On 'Maskless' Party

Bow Wow Responds To Social Media Backlash For Putting On 'Maskless' Party
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If you've been following the news around Bow Wow at all, you'd know that the rapper came under fire earlier this weekend after photos of a packed event in Texas spread on social media. Many people online blasted Bow Wow and the people there for going to the show. Initially, it was assumed that it was a Bow Wow concert, but it turns out it wasn't.

Of course, this wouldn't be the first time a performing artist came under fire for putting on a concert in spite of the public health recommendations made by officials. Regardless, Bow Wow doesn't have much remorse about it.

As it was previously reported by Hot New Hip Hop, footage from a Bow Wow concert in Texas went viral on the 15th of January, appearing to show a nearly filled venue with a lot of people not wearing masks and clearly not social distancing either.

Rather than apologize for it, Bow Wow took to his account this weekend to claim that he never put anybody's life in danger. In a bunch of posts that have since been deleted, Bow Wow wrote that he woke up in the morning and noticed right away that a lot of people were putting him on blast.

Bow Wow said that the venue actually required you to wear a mask while moving through the club, and he did wear one, at least until he got up on stage and grabbed the microphone.

The rapper went on to say that he had been "hosting parties all last year," and he definitely wore a mask while in the venue. He says that it's impossible to host a party while wearing a mask.

Additionally, Bow Wow noted that it wasn't his party either, but he was going to take all of the blame for it. The rapper made his case by pointing out how different states and cities have different regulations for how they go about handling the pandemic. For instance, Bow Wow says Atlanta has been open since last spring.

There's a lot of truth to what Bow Wow said. California and Florida are polar opposites in terms of how states have handled COVID-19.

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