Bow Wow Admits That He's Scared To Settle Down

Bow Wow Admits That He's Scared To Settle Down
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Bow Wow has been doing some thinking out loud with his followers. The musician uploaded a candid message to his Instagram Stories.

The actor is known to be quite the ladies man in his day. From dating Ciara and Joie Chavis to nearly marrying Erica Mena -- that doesn't even touch the number of women the playboy has had under his spell. However, Bow dropped the 'lil' from his name some time ago because he's a grown man.

As the saying goes, age is but a number. And the 32-year-old is admitting that the thought of settling down scares him.

The statement to his social media read: 'I have some maturing to do. What am I afraid of? I’m 32 but afraid to tackle on adult-like things like marriage a family. It’s hard. To be honest I’m scared. I think about these things. Is it because I’ve seen a lot or am I really nervous about taking on the grown man role and simply acting my age and growing the f*** up.'

Bow is recently coming out of a volatile relationship with Instagram model Kiyomi Leslie. The two, who star in Growing Up Hip Hop together, were arrested earlier this year after a vicious fight that will play out on camera.

It seems that although many years have passed by, Shad Moss has one girl in mind that he just can't seem to get over Angela Simmons. The two dated on and off when they were younger and he admits to breaking her heart multiple times.

At the end of the day, Bow Wow just couldn't go along with Angela's viewpoint of not having sex until marriage.

He admitted to confessional cameras in 2017: 'We never ever made it to the girlfriend and boyfriend stage. Her morals was kind of different to mine. You know, like, she was a virgin and I didn’t understand.'

Do you think Bow will ever settle down? Should he and Angela give it another go?

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