Bow Wow Puts 'Old Heads' On Blast In New IG Post

Bow Wow Puts 'Old Heads' On Blast In New IG Post
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Even though Bow Wow isn't the most respected rapper in the game, he isn't afraid to say how he really feels about some of the most controversial subjects of the day, even if not everyone likes to hear his opinion.

Hot New Hip Hop says the rapper has come under fire a number of times for voicing his opinion, but that hasn't stopped him from sharing his true beliefs with people. Rap fans know there exist two camps of fans in the genre, "old heads" and the younger generation.

"Old Heads" is normally a term that refers to older rap fans who don't like the way the genre is changing, and they're particularly biased against what's been called "mumble rap."

Even though Bow Wow might be considered as an "old head" because he has been in the scene for a long time, he isn't the type to shun those who are trying to do something different from the past. On his Instagram Story this week, Hot New Hip Hop reported, Bow Wow put the "old heads" on blast in a big way.

He explained how he thinks that "old heads" are really just haters, and they can't stand other people doing well. Moreover, he says many of these people can't accept that their time in the limelight has come to a close.

Bow Wow said on his Instagram that a lot of the "older guys" look like haters, and while one doesn't have to understand the music, the better thing to do would be to "praise" the next generation of artists for their contributions, whether you like it or not.

The rapper went on to tell all of the "old heads" out there that a lot of them just need to accept that it's finished, and figure out a new way to "continue" with their legacy. Earlier this year, Bow Wow was in the headlines when he refused to do Verzuz.


Timbaland, one of the co-creators of the rap battle platform, taunted Bow Wow by saying he probably didn't even have enough hits to perform on one.

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