Bow Wow Fans Get Torn Apart Online After Going To One Of His 'Packed' Texas Shows

Bow Wow Fans Get Torn Apart Online After Going To One Of His 'Packed' Texas Shows
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Approximately one year later, and the world is still reeling from the coronavirus pandemic, and in more ways than one. Much of the international system has been shut down as a way of thwarting the spread of the virus, much to the chagrin of industries all over the globe, leaving many people out of a job.

One such industry that has been significantly impacted is that of the music and entertainment industry. For example, concerts and festivals have been completely shut down for the foreseeable future, and it's not clear when they are going to open up again.

Artists have been forced to make money through other ways, OnlyFans just being one of them. Some artists, on the other hand, have chosen to continue putting on shows despite what has been recommended by public health officials, like Bow Wow , for example.

Reportedly, Bow Wow was in the headlines this weekend after it was claimed that he performed in front of a sold-out show in Houston, Texas. People weren't wearing masks as they screamed the rapper's lyrics back to him.

According to Hot New Hip Hop, artists such as Lil Baby and Gucci Mane have done the same thing. In fact, the Houston mayor publicly criticized Lil Baby for doing a concert against the COVID-19 guidelines. Regarding the Bow Wow show, however, the rapper's fans have been criticized heavily on social media for participating.

One person wrote that people were "risking their lives" just for a Bow Wow concert. The user went on to say that people were stuck in the pandemic for a long time because of "selfish idiots."

Thus far, Bow Wow, who used to go by the name, Lil' Bow Wow, hasn't responded to the backlash led by a small minority on Twitter.

Earlier this year, Bow Wow was in the headlines once again when he posted a video on his IG of him and his friends on a small boat with a bunch of women in bikinis. The reaction was similarly negative, although, there were a lot of positive comments as well.

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