James Van Der Beek Reveals What Led To His Family's Exit From California

James Van Der Beek Reveals What Led To His Family's Exit From California
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Page Six reported this week that James Van Der Beek , the Dawson's Creek alum, has officially moved across the United States from Los Angeles to the state of Texas. In a new Instagram post, James shared why he and his family chose to relocate amid the coronavirus pandemic.

According to the small screen star, he and his wife recently underwent some "drastic changes" in their lives including their miscarriage back in November amid his appearence on the series, Dancing With The Stars.

James wrote on his Instagram account this week that he and his wife thought she had a tumor earlier this year, and he was also booted off the reality series which many people thought he was going to win. The star also claims his mother died.

Not only that, but 2020 included the coronavirus pandemic which led to the lockdowns, which have been especially harsh in Los Angeles and in the state of California. The 43-year-old shared a picture of his family with their two dogs this week in which they were overlooking a lake.

As fans of the couple know, they have multiple kids together, including Gwendolyn, Emilia, Annabel Leah, Joshua, and Olivia, who are all under the age of 10. Back in September, the couple was in the headlines after they took a road trip to Texas.

Their social media accounts featured snapshots of the Grand Canyon among other sights. Van Der Beek shared recently that a big part of the reason why they chose to move had to do with all of the restrictions he and his family were faced with.

James wrote on his account that in one of the parks where his kids loved to play, they weren't even allowed to fly a kite. James went on to list a number of other things his kids weren't allowed to do, including riding a bicycle, climbing a tree, or throwing a ball at a wall. James says there are so many reasons why they just had to move at the end of the day, and those were just a few of them.

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