Blac Chyna's Recent Video Freaks Fans Out: 'What Did You Do To Yourself?'

Blac Chyna's Recent Video Freaks Fans Out: 'What Did You Do To Yourself?'
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Blac Chyna shared a video on her social media account just recently that has a lot of her fans freaking out. She's advertising a lipstick from her Lashed Cosmetics brand, but people don't seem to care about the product, and they criticize her face.

Lots of people said in the comments that she had too much work done. Check out the video below.

“Joi”matte lipstick 🍑 @lashedcosmetics ( click the link in the bio) Joi is coral strawberry pink matte. It’s highly pigmented, soft, and weightless. It contains a moisturizing and waterproof formula that is nondrying and long-lasting. One to two swipes on the lips will deliver full-coverage. With dedication and commitment to providing our clients the best, Lashed developed a great signature packaging to compliment this product.,' Chyna captioned her video.

Fans seemed shocked by her look and they were not shy at all in the comments when they told her that something is off about her face.

Someone said: 'I thought this was Michael Jackson first glance I swear 😭' and another follower exclaimed: 'Dude what did you do to yourself?'

One commenter said: 'jokes aside... she was sooo naturally beautiful!! We gotta pray for her☹️☹️' and someone else posted this: 'What did you Do you look so different 😩'

Another follower wrote: 'I couldn't shut my mouth for a minute girl u look a mess,' and one of Chyna's fans said: 'OMG Chyna please stop whatsoever make you look like this pleeeeeease.'

Another disappointed person said: 'You look messy you were beautiful before,' while someone else bought up the Kardashians: 'She is more plastic than Kardashians lol.'

An Instagrammer posted this: 'You're naturally a beautiful woman you don’t need filler pls go back to natural 😘'

A fan mentioned Chyna's business and praised her: 'This is what I like to see you do best. Build your business up and make positive and money moves.'

Chyna is very fond of her cosmetics company, Lashed Cosmetics.

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