Blac Chyna's Recent Photo Has Fans Accusing Her Of Photoshopping The Picture

Blac Chyna's Recent Photo Has Fans Accusing Her Of Photoshopping The Picture
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Blac Chyna rocks a Fashion Nova outfit in her recent pics, but there's so something wrong with one of the photos if you look closely. Fans have also observed this, and they let Chyna know in the comments section.

Basically, her followers accused her of Photoshopping the pic.

Someone said that she altered the photo 'Because even after all those surgeries shes still insecure as hell. ?‍♀️'

Another person wrote that 'Now she knew better ? I know damn well she see that door herself. ?'

Someone else said 'Tryna photoshop that ass to the right proportion ?' while another person asked Chyna 'Why your door curve like that?'

A hater slammed Chyna and said 'What a loser! Photoshopping insta pics for likes. You must be sooooo unhappy with what those plastic surgeons did to you @blacchyna.'

There were also people who defended her. One fan, said 'Why hating on her?? You only judge someone when you know exactly what's going on in their lives... you all have something to tell .. you judge her by what you see on media.'

Chyna was in the spotlight recently again after spending the holidays with her new boyfriend, Kid Buu .

A lot of people have criticized her for dating him, and even YBN Almighty Jay had a few harsh words to share for Dream Kardashian’s mother via a recent video.

Anyway, now Kid Buu shared a clip with Chyna but fans did not like it at all.

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  • Jodi Albert
    Jodi Albert Dec 27, 2018 10:37 AM PST

    I absolutely love Blac Chyna. My mother always told me that if you don't have anything nice to say then don't say anything. I'm sure you're all happy with your bodies, right?

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