Offset Impresses Cardi B With Lots Of Christmas Presents Following Their Breakup - Check Out Her Video

Offset Impresses Cardi B With Lots Of Christmas Presents Following Their Breakup - Check Out Her Video
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Fans were in awe after photos with Offset and Cardi B from Puerto Rico surfaced online. Everyone was confident that Cardi eventually decided to forgive him after the whole cheating scandal.

These two were caught by the paparazzi jet-skiing together, and Hollywood Life also reported that they were all smiles.

Offset also shared a pic featuring himself  on his social media account, and he posted a message to go with it.

‘I’m searching for the man in the mirror,’ Offset captioned the picture. The rapper added, ‘Telling him to change his ways.’

But then, Cardi somehow managed to break fans' hopes .

She revealed during a live video that her encounter with Offset in Puerto Rico does not mean that they are back together.

Now, things are changing again because Cardi gushed over the gifts that she received from Offset for Christmas. Here's the video that she shared on social media:

'Thanks @offsetyrn ???' she captioned her video.

Someone posted in the comments section that 'U can buy me the world n I'll even still ride his d**k too, but I still won't trust a ni**ah!!!?? I'm proud he trying, but it will take a while... boi u better attach that ball n chain to ur ass cuz it bout to be a long ass ride! @iamcardib @offsetyrn best of luck to you both.♥️'

Another person said this: 'So cardi couldn’t forgive offset, but Beyoncé makes an album about Jay z cheating and Y'all here for it. Get real?!?'

Someone else also defends Cardi and her choices: '@iamcardib omm girl these people need to relax all up in yo business ... like there’s more that happens off social media like y’all make it seem like what’s on social media is what’s always current .. like for all we know they could be back together they ’re not obligated to tell us anything - y’all need a chill pill??'

Another follower is also hoping that these two sort their issues out: 'iamcardib we all make mistakes I’ve been married 27 years and we both have made wrong choices, and I think Christmas is a time that a partner would want to show live in whatever way they feel you would understand. ?❤️'

What do you think about Offset's gesture? Do you think that Cardi will take him back for good?

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