Blac Chyna's Former Friend Treasure Begs Tokyo Toni To Stop Bullying Her

Blac Chyna's Former Friend Treasure Begs Tokyo Toni To Stop Bullying Her
Credit: Source: Youtube

Treasure Gemz and Blac Chyna were friends for over a decade until they parted ways on her reality show. Now, Treasure is asking Chyna's mom to stop bullying her.

In a lengthy Instagram Live video, Treasure told her audience that Tokyo Toni has been slamming her constantly on social media. She even recalls that on her mother's death anniversary, Toni asked how did she die.

The former The Real Blac Chyna star made the live to ask her to stop trolling her online because bullying is a very serious issue these days.

This comes after Treasure and Tokyo got into an argument about Chyna asking her to embezzle money by putting her on the payroll . Chyna denied the claims stating that she has been a good friend to her for years and was being used for her fame.


Toni has always felt that Treasure instigated issues between her and Chyna. So after the friendship fell apart, Toni immediately took to social media to slam Gemz.

'This woman is very toxic and the word toxic is thrown around a little too weak like. Toxic person memes to me one who causes damage harm and there's no coming back from toxicity!! To bash your friend on social media because you didn't like what was portrayed is one thing but to call them other things that's not true is another. I let my daughter bump her f***ing head and boy did she learn. A real friend would never come between a mother and daughter in fact especially if they don't have one. How is it that in one month me and my daughter on planet Jupiter but was just in hell question mark you have to question who you sleep with you have to question who you f***ing … because the person closest to you can be the one to kill you emotionally physically spiritually because they know too much of you bad move.'

As you may already know, Tokyo often changes social media pages where she very well could have been slamming Treasure consistently from.


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  • Nikki
    Nikki Sep 4, 2020 5:40 PM PDT

    Keep your head up sweetheart. Pray, meditate and hold your head up high after watching the Chyna show it's clear that she and her mom both need intensive therapy.

  • Lisa Mann
    Lisa Mann Dec 9, 2019 12:33 AM PST

    @Roland you are so right with the statement you made! That sea hag is straight trash, and love bullying people even her own daughter. But the both of them child and mother is mentally unstable, I would bring charges against her asap.....

  • Roland
    Roland Dec 8, 2019 6:00 PM PST

    Treasure should file harassment charges against that THING called Tokyo Toni! Tokyo is a disgusting trash bucket that's been used by men like toilet paper. Please file charges against that drug addicted gap mouth ugly used up hag! No one likes her!!! Tokyo has nothing to offer. She's jealous of Treasure, period. Treasure is young and pretty and has a good life ahead of her.. Treasure be thankful God removed these things called people out your life. You have children. They don't need to be around Chyna nor that other THING.

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