Riley Burruss Acknowledges That She Is 'Privileged' In Speak On It Video

Riley Burruss Acknowledges That She Is 'Privileged' In Speak On It Video
Credit: Source: Bravo

Kandi Burruss came under fire for getting her 16-year-old daughter a $5,500 New York apartment while she completed an internship at Kandi's entertainment lawyer's law firm. The mother-daughter duo appeared on Kandi's Youtube series Speak On It where they addressed the issue.

Riley Burruss, now 17, shocked both fans and her stepdad when she didn't know that the average person has to make ice in trays and clean their own shower. Kandi told fans in her confessional that she knew her daughter was privileged because she can have anything that she wants as long as she keeps her grades up.

Between the apartment and the Porsche she received for her 16th birthday -- many people believe that the Real Housewives of Atlanta star is spoiling the teen too much.

The backlash was something that Riley says she expected in the Youtube video.

'I definitely think that I'm probably going to get backlash as we have before for certain thing. Clearly, we're very fortunate and I'm definitely very privileged, so certain things to other people might sound so abnormal, such as my car and things like that, which I know [my mom's] gotten criticized for doing, giving to me.'

Kandi revealed that she didn't grow up rich but she didn't work until she started her girl group. Although she got her daughter the temporary apartment, she feels that she is preparing her to go out in the real world.

The future lawyer doesn't want the internet to go too hard on her because after all -- she is still a kid. She doesn't want to be compared to her 23-year-old stepsister Kaela.

'Please don't roast me. I know I'm privileged and sometimes don't know things. You see, that's why we learn. I personally do not like the comparisons 'cause you can't compare me. I'm still a child and then [to] an adult. I'm not an adult yet.'

Do you think Kandi is sheltering her daughter too much?


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