Blac Chyna Says She Has Evidence That Proves She Never Hit Rob Kardashian

Blac Chyna Says She Has Evidence That Proves She Never Hit Rob Kardashian
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Blac Chyna is doing everything these days to prove that she never hit Rob Kardashian. Dream Kardashian and King Cairo's mom wants to clear her name, and she's making some great efforts in this direction.

It's been revealed by Page Six, The Blast, and more publications that there is 'bombshell evidence' that will be proving the fact that she never hit Rob.

Chyna reportedly claims that she obtained a 2016 report from the LA Dept of Children and Family Services that looked into the alleged violent incident that Rob has been mentioning.

In that specific report, Rob allegedly admitted that the mother of his baby girl, Dream, never hit him!

'When questioned by DCFS on January 4, 2017 (just 3 weeks after Chyna’s alleged ‘violent attack’) about an ‘anonymous’ report of domestic violence against Rob by Chyna, Rob replied that the allegations are ‘false’ and ‘there is no domestic violence between [me] and [Chyna],'' according to the documents as cited by the online publication Page Six.

Chyna sais that the report also included a note from investigators: 'Specifically, Kardashian father stated mother [Chyna] has never hit him.'

Dream's mother claims that the documents prove the fact that Rob lied when he claimed she attacked him.

'Rob’s attorney, Marty Singer, denied Chyna’s claims in a statement to Page Six on Friday,' Page Six posted the other day.

In other news, Chyna found herself in hot water a lot recently.

Chyna managed to surprise her fans with a coronavirus-related post that she shared on her social media account.

Besides saying that the US is bracing for the saddest week in terms of infected people and victims, the post that Chyna shared is also promoting a certain type of mask that protects against the novel coronavirus.

People bashed Chyna for turning everything into something profitable for her. Chyna also got bashed by people when she advertised something that some people called a 'crack pipe.'

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