Hailey Baldwin Celebrates Sister Alaia Baldwin's Pregnancy

Hailey Baldwin Celebrates Sister Alaia Baldwin's Pregnancy
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Hailey Baldwin is ready to be an aunt. Page Six reported on an Instagram post from the young model recently in which she celebrated the pregnancy of her older sister, Alaia Baldwin. She's married to Andrew Aronow.

On Instagram this Friday, the 27-year-old Baldwin sister shared a picture of her man, Aronow, kissing her pregnant stomach. The Hollywood royal captioned the photo with the message, "I made something extra special" for her husband, clearly, in reference to the baby.

She went on to joke, "coming to ya August 2020. it's a girl," in addition to wishing her husband a happy birthday. The 23-year-old model, who's married to the pop star Justin Bieber, took to the comment section not long after and shared her excitement.

Later, she also shared the photo on her Instagram Story. In the caption of the photo, the 23-year-old model excitedly wrote that she was going to be an "aunty."

There's no question Hailey is thrilled at the idea of having a child, but having a family of her own right now isn't a top priority. During a conversation with Vogue Arabia back in 2018, Baldwin told reporters she was looking forward to becoming a mother.

However, she and Justin aren't trying to have a child anytime soon. It's still far off yet. According to Baldwin, she adores children and can't wait to have some of her own, but at the moment, she isn't concerned about having any.

Bieber, as well, said to Zane Lowe not long after his wedding to the supermodel that he had every intention of having his own kids sometime soon but he wasn't in a rush. The pop star added that he wanted to enjoy being married for a little while before rushing into parenthood.

Justin explained that he wants to thoroughly enjoy each part of the process, including marriage, going on tour, traveling, and building up their relationship so it's stronger and stronger every day. For him and his newlywed wife, that's the next step.

Fans of Justin know he recently dropped a brand new record, Changes , although, it received a mixed response among fans. Justin later had to postpone his supporting tour on account of the coronavirus.

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