Billie Eilish Falls Prey To Russian Pranksters Who Posed As Greta Thunberg And Her Dad

Billie Eilish Falls Prey To Russian Pranksters Who Posed As Greta Thunberg And Her Dad
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Billie Eilish recently fell prey to Russian trolls who pretended to be Greta Thunberg and her father, a new report from Hot New Hip Hop revealed. The Sun, who was the first to pick up on the story, claimed that the pranksters managed to fool Billie Eilish and her mother, after also fooling Prince Harry in the past.

Alexey Stolyarov and Vladimir Kuznetsov, also known as Vovan and Lexus, shared an animated video with the British newspaper. Reportedly, Eilish not only addressed environmental issues in the video but also her struggles with boys as well.

Eilish supposedly said to the fake Thunberg that she had boy problems for years, however, Billie believes that if a guy doesn't like a girl, then it's best to just move on. "There will be someone who will love you for who you are," the young star remarked.

It's not uncommon for entertainers and musical artists to fly around on private jets to fulfill their busy schedules while at the same time proclaiming to be environmental activists. Some social media users have pointed out this contradiction before, which Eilish also addressed in her video. As most know, Greta Thunberg is one of the voices in the environmentalist movement.

Eilish explained in the clip that she has to fly as much as she does because her schedule is incredibly hectic and demanding. It would simply be unfeasible to not take a jet.

With that said, the young Grammy Award winner claimed she has been looking into alternative modes of transportation, including a tour bus that uses bio-diesel. Celebrity culture enthusiasts know that being the target of online pranksters is a regular occurrence due to their relative visibility in society.

It wasn't that long ago when scammers tried to get Bhad Bhabie - née Danielle Bregoli - to send them a check. The young artist, who first became famous for a viral video in which she appeared on Dr. Phil, posted a screenshot of the text message exchange.

Some scammers have even posed as celebrities such as Jason Statham to try and get fans to send money through various schemes. A British woman was robbed of hundreds of thousands of dollars last year.

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