Miley Cyrus And Cody Simpson Have A ‘Deep Connection’ - She's In For The 'Long-Run!'

Miley Cyrus And Cody Simpson Have A ‘Deep Connection’ - She's In For The 'Long-Run!'
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Miley Cyrus really feels like she and Cody Simpson are ‘long-term’ material and there is a really sweet reason why the singer and actress believes the Australian singer will continue to be in her life for a really long time. As it turns out, she knows what she wants and really feels like she’s found it!

But when it comes to that, she apparently gives credit to a former relationship for helping her self-discovery process that has led to the Miley of today.

It may seem for some that Cody is just a rebound and someone she likes to have fun with but that is not the case.

Miley and Cody have been dating for half a year already and as far as she is concerned, they will be together for many more years to come!

That’s right! One insider report claims to know that she is in for the long run!

‘Miley has moved on from her relationship with Liam [Hemsworth], and now she’s in such a great place with Cody. Miley feels a level of comfort with Cody and she definitely sees long term potential with him,’ the source dished via HollywoodLife.

But she also thought Liam Hemsworth was the one before since they were together on and off for a decade. So how is this different?

The source explained that ‘She grew up in a lot of ways while she was with Liam and got to know who she was and what she wanted from a relationship. She has that with Cody. They have a really deep connection.’

While she and Liam dated for much longer, that’s not to say her romance with Cody is less strong.

It makes sense since they were friends for a long time before starting to date.

Another insider also shared via the same site that ‘Miley has found a love with Cody that is really special. She feels that if she has been able to move on that it is only fair for Liam to move on.’


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