Person Posing As Jason Statham Scams British Woman Out Of Thousands Of Dollars

Person Posing As Jason Statham Scams British Woman Out Of Thousands Of Dollars
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According to a report from, a con-man pretending to be Jason Statham cheated a woman in the United Kingdom out of piles of money. While on the actor's Facebook fan page, the BBC News reported, she was contacted by a person who she thought was the real Jason.

"I thought, 'Oh, that's nice of him, talking to his fans," the woman explained. The person pretending to be Jason sent her a litany of messages on WhatsApp and convinced her he was interested in a romantic relationship.

As you may know, the actor is married to Rosie Huntington-Whitely, a supermodel. In the messages obtained by the outlet, the conman called the woman "baby," "darling," and "honey," and urged her to be the special woman alongside him for the remainder of his life.

The person posing as Statham conjured up a story of financial problems and difficulties, despite having a network of approximately $70,000,000 claims the outlet, Celebrity Net Worth. The man asked her for approximately $25,000 in varying installments, all to which she complied.

She described the amount as "substantial," and remarked that it would've made a marked difference in her financial situation and for her family. Her mother and fiancé recently passed away, and she was feeling vulnerable and desperate.

The deaths of those closest to her made her a target for the conman, and she stated to BBC, "I don't feel like I was in the right place" because of all the things she had been through as of late. At the moment, the Greater Manchester Police are looking into the crime, but it's looking like the money won't be returned.

Detective Con Craig Moylon said to reporters from the British Broadcasting Corporation that "fraud is an epidemic" and it's happening all over the United Kingdom. Without a doubt, it's the crime most prevalent in the modern era, especially as technological innovation has allowed for the dissemination of would-be con-artists.

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