Rihanna Slams Donald Trump As Well As Her Fans After They Ask About Her Album While She's 'Trying To Save The World!'

Rihanna Slams Donald Trump As Well As Her Fans After They Ask About Her Album While She's 'Trying To Save The World!'
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It’s no secret that fans have been waiting for a really long time for Rihanna to drop a new album. However, during a live broadcast, the star clapped back at everyone who kept asking about it, going on a rant about how she’s too busy ‘trying to save the world’ instead of President Donald Trump, to have any time for making music.

Of course, she was talking about her involvement in dealing with the current coronavirus, COVID-19 pandemic.

At this point, wondering when Rihanna’s album would drop has become kind of like a meme, or an inside joke in the fandom but the artist seems to have had enough of it.

Her latest live on IG was meant for her to check in with her followers and chat about what she has been doing to help the situation amid the quarantine.

But even so, there were many people who joined the live stream focusing more on her music career than her contribution to ‘saving the world.’

In response, she started ranting that: ‘If one of y’all motherf**kers ask me about the album one more time when I’m tryna save the world, unlike y’all president….on sight.’

Naturally, it’s clear who she was talking about even though she did not mention Donald Trump’s name.

The president of the United States has indeed been widely criticized for not taking the pandemic seriously, even telling his supporters that he had no intention of wearing a mask while in public, even though it is highly recommended.

Meanwhile, Rihanna has donated no less than $5 million to global coronavirus relief through her Clara Lionel Foundation.

And that is not all! The singer and businesswoman has also pledged to donate another $1 million alongside Jay Z in order to aid those affected in New York and L.A. exclusively.

Her efforts seem to be particularly focused on helping victims of domestic violence who might be going through an even more difficult time while in quarantine with their abusers.


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