Bethenny Frankel Donates 450,000 Medical Masks To Hospitals To Protect Doctors From COVID-19!

Bethenny Frankel Donates 450,000 Medical Masks To Hospitals To Protect Doctors From COVID-19!
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Bethenny Frankel is the latest celebrity to help out with the Coronavirus pandemic efforts. The Bravo star revealed that she had donated no less than 450,000 masks to hospitals all over the country in order to keep the medical specialists safe against the contagion while treating patients infected with COVID-19.

The ex Real Housewives of New York City star was already putting together virus protection kits to donate but she soon realized that the most urgent and most essential necessity is the masks.

During an interview with HollywoodLife, the reality TV celeb told all about her decision to jump to the doctors’ rescue.

‘Several days ago, I said to my partner we're making and distributing coronavirus kits, which are for hydration boost, for immunity boost and also hand sanitizer gel, so people do not get gouged, as well as cash cards for those impoverished whose kids cannot be in school… but I pivoted and added to it when I realized the masks were going to be a crisis,’ she shared with the news outlet.

She went on to explain that ‘the idea of a doctor or nurse who's risking their life and not to mention the firefighters, and the police officers, and the people working at Publix and Kroger and at Whole Foods, and all of those people that are interacting with others all day, they all do not have masks. But on the forefront, medical workers that are going in to interact with people with the worst crisis we have ever seen in our lifetime, not having masks and being told to recycle their masks, wash their masks, is a horror show.’

Bethenny also talked about why it was important that they were N95, which are medical approved masks.

Apparently, for other workers, such as supermarket cashiers, any other type of face protection is Okay, but for medical staff that is constantly in contact with infected patients, only N95 are recommended so she was on top of it and provided only the best!

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