Bethenny Frankel Accused Of Yelling At Sunny Hostin's Child - She Claps Back!

Bethenny Frankel Accused Of Yelling At Sunny Hostin's Child - She Claps Back!
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Bethenny Frankel and Sunny Hostin have been feuding for a while but it looks like the beef has now been taken to a whole new level! The View host had some shocking claims to make about the reality TV star’s parenting and, as you can imagine, she was not at all happy about it!

Hearing what Sunny said, that she yelled at the host’s child one time while at the beach, Bethenny claps back.

While on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live, she said: ‘ think she has been drinking or taking some drugs. I do not know her.’ Yikes!

Of course, the claims she made are pretty harsh and there is no proof so when a fan sent the video to Sunny she was quick to react: ‘Not surprising a reality TV personality who yells and bullies kids on a beach lies. But I have witnesses Bethenny. [Regina Jansen] feel free to weigh in. #receipts. oh and Bethenny – defamation ain’t cute.’

She also posted a screenshot that proved Bethenny also blocked her on Twitter.

Aside from her interview on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Bethenny is yet to add to the conflict in any way.

As for what started this whole scandal, it was an episode of The View that aired on June 13.

At the time, Sunny and her co-hosts were talking about what happened between Bethenny and Luann de Lesseps on RHONY.

That is when Sunny opened up about the supposed incident that involved Bethenny and Sunny’s kid back in 2016.

According to her, they were in the Hamptons at the time.

She recalled that ‘I don’t know Bethenny, but I’ve seen that kind of behavior when Bethenny yelled at my child on the beach. It was in the middle of the day, and my kid was about 7, playing with other children at 2 in the afternoon, and she said her child was napping inside with the window open and our children were being too loud on the beach. [She] yelled at my child.’

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