Bella Hadid Escapes Winter Storm Ezekiel And Heads To Miami Where She Showed Off Her Bathing Suit Body

Bella Hadid Escapes Winter Storm Ezekiel And Heads To Miami Where She Showed Off Her Bathing Suit Body
Credit: Source: Bella Hadid/Instagram

Bella Hadid has fled the horrible winter storm Ezekiel and freezing cold temperatures of New York in exchange for bikinis and suntan oil in Miami, Florida. On a girl's trip to the southern state, Bella is attending the International Art Basel fair with her friends. Photos of Bella in a colorful, floral print bikini have gone viral. While most of the world is freezing due to Ezekiel, Bella Hadid showed off her flawless curves in her string bikini while soaking up the sun.

Bella was photographed sitting poolside with her friends and even enjoyed some snacks. The supermodel is launching her newest capsule collection Chromehearts x Bella and has been plugging the collection across her social media platforms.

Joined by her sister Gigi Hadid for Thanksgiving, Bella shared photos and videos from her holiday where it appeared both sisters have a domestic touch and enjoy cooking. Now that Thanksgiving is over, Bella shared photos of herself while boarding her flight to Florida.

You may see photos of Bella Hadid posing in Miami, Florida in her string bikini below.

While Bella has been spotted in Miami, the Internet has been increasingly interested in her personal love life and romantic relationships. Around Halloween time, rumors started circulating that suggested Bella Hadid and The Weeknd were back together. It was believed that she spent time with him on her birthday and many were curious if she would spend Thanksgiving with him as well.

The couple was together for Thanksgiving 2018 and it was unclear whether they would spend the holidays together. So far, there hasn't been any indication or hint that the two are back together or celebrated the holidays together.

It seems likely that Bella's birthday and Halloween moments with The Weeknd weren't romantic in nature but rather based upon mutual friendship.

What do you think? Did you expect to see Bella Hadid and The Weeknd spend time together on Thanksgiving after their reported connection at Halloween went viral?

Are you looking forward to Bella's Chrome Hearts x Bella Hadid upcoming capsule? What do you think of Bella's amazing beach body and Miami getaway?

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