Bekah Martinez Welcomes Her Second Baby - Check Out The Pics!

Bekah Martinez Welcomes Her Second Baby - Check Out The Pics!
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Yesterday, Bekah Martinez became a mother of two! The former Bachelor star gave birth to her and boyfriend, Grayston Leonard’s second child on June 19 and they could not be any happier!

Their newest addition to the family is a baby boy and the 25 year old mom took to social media to announce the news that she’d given birth at home.

This post also featured two first pictures of the newborn.

Bekah and Grayston were already the parents of the adorable Ruth Ray De La Lux , 1, who was born back in February of last year.

In the caption, the new mom of two wrote: ‘He’s. HERE. Born blissfully in our living room at 2:52 am, June 19. 7lbs, 8oz. No name yet; suggestions [are] welcome :) Birth story coming soon.’

The Bachelor alum admitted before that their second pregnancy was not planned and that she learned about it when she was already 6 or 7 weeks along.

Still, she was super excited since she loves motherhood.

The parents found out the sex of the boy only two weeks or so after but did not announce it publicly.

This was different from her first child in the sense that they waited until birth to learn the sex the first time around.

And that was not the only difference! The reality TV star also previously told her followers that this second pregnancy was very different from the first in the sense that she experienced much less nausea and fatigue while expecting the son.

Not only that but she also craved a lot of fast food, especially chicken sandwiches and especially from Burger King.

The young mom also admitted at the time that she was a little worried about having two kids this close in age.

This would mean, among many other things, that she would not be able to lay in bed with the newborn like she did with Ruth since there are two babies to take care of now.


She was also nervous about the postpartum process after two back to back pregnancies.


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